7 Tips on how to pick the Best Laptops for School this 2018

Laptops have become familiar and taken the place of traditional notebooks in schools. You can get your work done quickly and work with others on a project and submit using your laptop. So if you are considering buying a new laptop for school, you have come to the right place. You will need to have a different approach when choosing a laptop for school compared to selecting one for playing games or running professional software.

The Top Steps You Need to Know to Pick the Right Laptop For Your School

School laptops don’t need to be the same as a gaming laptop or a work laptop. You wouldn’t need powerful graphics cards to play the latest games unless of course, you want to. With a great research that was done by Topprobe, they mentioned that you wouldn’t need a powerful processor to help you multitask through the newest software like a working professional. You would probably need to be able to browse quickly and make PowerPoint; a reason school laptops might be a lot more affordable. You wouldn’t want to spend on what you don’t need, and if you’re worried about how you can go about it all, don’t worry. Back to school laptops

Here’s a step by step guide which will help you answer your queries and pick up the right rig for you.

1. Check out with your School

Schools sometimes have their recommendation of hardware or configurations you will need. It can help you choose a laptop by narrowing down your search. Also, not all laptops may be allowed so don’t forget to ask suggestions from your school.

2. Make a Budget

You can buy cheap laptops for $150. Google Chromebooks are available at that price, and you can get a Windows laptop for $500 to $750. Kids using their laptops in schoolIf you want something better, then the mid-range models can cost you $1,000 to $1,500. They have displays of 14 to 16 inches. You can find performance laptops with 17-inch display starting around $1,200. That being said you won’t need a super performance laptop for your school. You can comfortably settle for a mid-range laptop which takes care of all your tasks without any problem.

3. Keep it Portable

Your laptop will be your companion all throughout the day, so you don’t want to end up with something too heavy. Ideally, the weight should be within 4 pounds, and you can choose a display of 14 to 15 inches to keep the size under control. The 15-inch MacBook Pro also is an excellent choice, but you have to raise your budget to get it.

4. Don’t Mind Paying Extra for Durability

How many times do you drop your mobile in a day? Though you will be much careful with your laptop, still you can expect it to receive some rough handling. It makes sense to pay something extra to get yourself a laptop that is durable. You can go for laptops with magnesium alloy, carbon fiber or aluminum casing that can handle tough situations. Some manufacturers also claim that their laptops can handle shocks; so check them out. Some laptops also have anti-spill keyboards which can prevent liquid seepage.

5. Choose Specs Wisely

The tech specs of your laptop will be determined by the nature of programs you will run on it. student who is looking for a gaming laptop Processor: You don’t need a super performance laptop, and anything in the mid-range will do. For the processor, you can choose from Intel iCore 5 or iCore 7. You can also go for the iCore three if you are low on budget. Make sure you have the latest 7th Generation chips or the Kaby lake processors by checking the model number- it will have “7” in it like Core i5-7200U People who are not biased to Intel can also check out AMD configurations. RAM: When choosing RAM, the best is to go for 8 GB, but 6 GB will also do. Choosing a laptop with 4 GB RAM can make you encounter lags and slow performance. Storage: Look for big room say about 500 GB at least. You will have to settle for mechanical hard drives so choose one with a higher RPM like 7,200 RPM. SSDs are far better when it comes to performance, speed and responsiveness compared to mechanical hard drives. But they are far more costly and offer less storage for their price. They are also a lot more reliable, and those few extra bucks can well be worth it in this case. Display: Cheap laptops, especially with smaller screens, have low resolutions of 1366×768. It lacks the sharpness, and you will find it challenging to accommodate too much text or windows on the screen. So better get a laptop with at least 1920×1080 resolution, and it is more than enough. Graphics Card– This is entirely up to you and something you need to decide whether to invest in. Are you looking to play old games or new ones? Age of Empires or Fifa 12 can probably run no matter what laptop you buy today, but if you’re looking for more modern games, you need better graphics cards. You won’t probably find a dedicated graphics processor and whatever you get will be an integrated one. So if you see something which mentions Nvidia GeForce or ATI Radeon (in case of AMD laptops) within your budget then just go ahead and grab it!

6. OS

The primary choice of OS boils down to Windows or iOS. We aren’t considering something like Linux because you may not be able to find all the compatible software. Windows is excellent running for most of the programs, and it has the highest number of users. You can get iOS only if you are getting a MacBook for which you need to have a high budget. But we recommend Windows for its affordability and satisfactory performance. Student who loves to do multitasking with a powerful gaming laptop

7. Research Heavily

The internet is your friend, and you can use it to research any laptop you want. Read expert and customer reviews, check out ratings and what the IT world is saying about it. Then go for the one which fits your budget and requirements based on the tips given by us. That’s all you need to do to make the right choice of laptop for your school!

Top 5 Most Popular Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth in the Market

motorcycle helmet Bluetooth
Are you ready to bring your off-road experience to whole new level? With this motorcycle helmet Bluetooth, you can answers call from your friends or listen to music. What’s nice about it? Bluetooth helmet doesn’t have wires or cables attached to it. It alerts you if you received incoming calls and if you wish to answer it all you need to do is press the button, and you can communicate to your buddy while still driving. If you are already seasoned biker, you are so much aware that helmet plays a vital role in providing your safety while off the road. Today’s modern technology brings you to a whole new level of experience when it comes to riding a motorcycle with ease and convenience. As much as we value the best thing we get in our riding experience, the level of protection and safety brought by using helmet should never jeopardize comfort and ease that’s why manufacturers of helmet today opted Bluetooth technology to provide the ease of communication even when you are riding a bike. There are wide and numerous variations of motorcycle helmet bluetooth headphones but considering that you are going to spend money on your helmet, then you should choose the best for you. So what are the top and most popular motorcycle helmet Bluetooth?  

List of Top 5 Most Popular Bluetooth Helmet:


O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet

O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet O’Neal Commander Bluetooth Helmet that comes in Hi-Viz color is the cheapest O’Neal model with high quality and shells comes from fiberglass, so it is very light yet durable. It is DOT, and ECE approved helmet, with anti-fog and anti-scratch shield. Prons and Cons of O’Neal Commander: The padding on the interior is not thick enough to resist external noise because you can still hear the low level of noise. This is the most affordable built-in Bluetooth helmet that you can see in the market that has a stunning stamina to resist to wind resistant and has a great functioning features whose value is much for its price tag. This is the helmet for the budget conscious people, for those who love to listen to music while on the road and get access to your GPS navigation pretty well good. The life of the battery last pretty much longer than any helmet I’ve purchased before. But the helmet is somewhat bulky.  

BILT Techno

BILT Techno BILT Techno is round oval and weighs 3.81 lbs. This type brand of helmet integrates SENA DWO-5 Bluetooth v.3 system that functions as universal intercom up to 430 yards and lets you navigate GPS and talk up to 8 hours long. It is also automatic noise resistance and voice-operated phone communication. Prons and Cons of BILT Techno: The helmet is a fine and fit bit smaller than my size. On the instruction, it says it paired with other BILT Bluetooth unit but doesn’t mention if it pairs with others but good thing it paired with my Samsung phone. No suitable surface area that my stick on base units would fit but this is very true mostly with a helmet of this style or design, so it is no big deal plus the helmet is immovable from the wind stream.  

 IV2 Helmet Model 953

 IV2 Helmet Model 953 Unlike any other Bluetooth helmet in the market IV Helmet Model, 953 has Bluetooth 3.0 intercom and allows you to share music up to 400 meters away through Bluetooth pairing. It is also voice prompt, easy to operate by jog dial.It can also be used as snowmobile helmet and water resistant controls. Read more review about IV2 Helmet Model here. Prons and Cons of  IV2 Helmet Model 953: They should have use clips instead of D-rings, this feels like somewhat cheap and not much padding too since the noise is pretty high when you are on a highway. The sun visor works perfectly especially for people who wear eyeglasses and doesn’t want to switch to sunglasses. One more thing though, the strap is a clicking like a locking strap similar to the one found on roller blades making it convenient to get on and off because it’s quick release property.  


HJC IS-MAX BT HJC Helmet with model 972-614 weights 4 pounds suitable for sports motorcycles and scooters. It is also DOT Certified. It said to have superior fit and face shield provides 95 percent of UV protection. It also has full front to back airflow, so it is refreshing to use because the bioceramic anti-bacterial Nylex absorbs moistures fast so lessen humidity. You can watch more review product on Youtube. Prons and Cons of HJC IS-MAX BT: The HJC IS-MAX BT has too many features comes with the Bluetooth technology. It is somewhat costly too. The helmet is of smaller size, so you have to make sure that you check the chart to get your right size. The helmet is sleek, stylish and its streamlined good for wind resistance. There is also an adjuster in the chin bar to make sure that your helmet won’t snug and fit just right.  

Hawk H-66

Hawk H-66 Hawk brings both of full-face and open-face style. With great features in this Bluetooth helmet, you can sync it fast and allows you to adjust the volume as you speed up and guarantee that you can hear it. It also has dual visor system that protects you from direct sunlight and safeguards you if you are riding in an open-face style. Prons and Cons of Hawk H-66: The helmet is modular and is very great. The mouth air vent doesn’t allow a lot of airflows. Secondly, the battery model has high possibility to be over-charge however the shade visor is awesome that’s why I use this helmet in my daily routine, but this is not fog resistant.   Did you just like what you’ve discovered? Is this top popular motorcycle helmet bluetooth headphones listing saves much of your time and effort on internet research? Let me know how this article helps you. Whether it is the constructive comment or otherwise we appreciate your comments so we can improve our write-ups to help you at best in your search for the best helmet.

The Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset Review

Plantronics Voyager 510
The Plantronics Voyager 510 is another decent addition to the Plantronics headset line. However, it does not come without a few flaws. The Voyager 510 is one of Plantronics latest mid-grade headsets which offers good quality at the expense of a decent design. If you want some more info on this Bluetooth Headset, you ought to check out some of the reviews on Amazon here from current customers.


The Voyager 510 boasts the typical over the ear style ear piece which is fairly standard for the later Plantronics headsets. The overall impression is that the Voyager 510 is very poorly designed. The Voyager 510 is very hard to get into your ear due to the placement of the over the ear “bar” and due to the extra flexibility of the headset. The flexibility is meant to increase comfort however it makes the headset very hard to get over the ear initially. Also, the power button is designed very poorly and is almost impossible to press while the headset is in your ear. More likely than not it will be necessary to remove the headset to push the power button which is a very tedious task since getting the headset back over your ear is quite a challenge. The microphone design causes the microphone to be very close to your face during conversations which result in muffled voice quality quite frequently. Plantronics Voyager PRO

Usability & Connectivity

The Voyager 510 connects very easily to your mobile phone in the same fashion as most other Bluetooth headsets. The Voyager 510 allows for up to two different devices’ connection data to be stored allowing for fast switching between devices. The signal strength from the Voyager 510 is decent, and the range is right around 23 feet. This is significantly reduced if there are walls, doors or other obstacles in the room.

Voice Quality

The overall voice quality of the Voyager 510 is below standard for Plantronics. The voice has a very dull sound to it and even at times sounds robotic when using the Voyager 510. On other occasions, the voice sounds very muffled and hard to understand due to the positioning of the microphone (which can’t be changed). The sound quality issues persisted across different mobile phones, and at various ranges, therefore, the problem seems to be with the actual Voyager 510 series headset.


The Voyager 510 is a decent headset for casual Bluetooth headset users. Due to the voice quality problems and uncomfortable design, it is not recommended for heavy users nor business users. Plantronics is typically known for decent quality headsets, but it would seem as if they missed the mark with the Voyager 510.

Logitech FreePulse Bluetooth Headphones Getting Great Reviews!

Logitech FreePulse
Searching for wireless headphones just became a lot easier with the Logitech FreePulse Bluetooth Headphones. Whether you want them for a laptop or an IPod, these headphones bring you an amazing amount of quality at a very affordable price. They are compatible with both Microsoft and Apple devices and provide exceptional clarity in any kind of condition. Depending on how loudly you have the headphones turned up, there could be some slight background noise that hinders your listening experience. Your experience with these outside noises could be considered a positive or a negative depending on if you enjoy hearing some background noise while your wireless headphones are in use.

FreePulse Headphones

Logitech FreePulse Review Logitech touts the FreePulse Headphones as being compatible with a device up to 33 feet away. However, this could significantly affect your sound quality if you are this far away. Being 20 feet away from your IPod or laptop is much more advisable due to the fact that you will not have to worry about noise cutting in and out. As long as the gadget that you are looking to hook it up to has a 3.5 mm. stereo plug, you should have no problem getting your headphones to be compatible. The battery life on the headphones is going to be around six hours, so you should get ample time to get in a workout or a study session without having to make the switch to corded headphones. The re-charging process only takes a couple of hours, so you should be back up and running in no time. Both the transmitter and the headphones need to be charged to work properly, so making sure that both are fully charged becomes very important to the functionality of your headphone set. One of the most exciting features accompanying this outstanding device is the volume can be controlled by the actual exterior of the right earphone. Pressing on the upper section of the earphone increases the volume while the lower section will turn down the volume. You are also still able to control some of the volume through your portable device, which makes it easy to find the exact level of sound that you are seeking. A user of the Logitech FreePulse Bluetooth Headphones will find that sound quality, range, and overall adaptability are just some of the great features that sets this pair of wireless headphones apart from others in the marketplace. While they are not the cheapest you will find, they are by far the best value. These headphones are just another great offering from the people at Logitech, and they should be at the top of any audiophile’s wishlist.

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