In the lives of many, one important thing should be entertainment. Fortunately, people these days can find a huge variety of entertainment systems that make it possible for them to find the best kind of entertainment they need. Apart from the systems, it is now possible to opt for gadgets that can transform a system or an experience for the product, such as virtual video glasses.  The Breett 3D VR Glasses can be an excellent choice when it comes to experience a new way to watch your favourite movies.

Breett 3D VR


The  Breett 3D Virtual Reality Glasses are perfect for Android phones, iPhones, Windows phones with a screen size within 4.7 up to 6.0 inches.

A full range of Virtual Reality Apps

One of the best things about this technology is that you can find lots of VR apps on Google Play as well as Apple app store. However, 3D movies need to be searched on the internet, which is not a problem for many. All you have to do is only searching 3D SBS movies/torrent in Google/Bing or Yahoo.

Easy to use

These 3D VR glasses are easy to use, and it comes with a user manual. The first thing to do is just download apps or videos to your smartphone. Then you need to test if it supports Left-and -Right split screen display and full-screen display. Place the smartphone in the glasses and wear it on the head, then enjoy your 3D movie or game. To get the best result, you can adjust the Head belt and Pupil Distance and Focal Distance.

Ergonomic design

These VR glasses come with ergonomic head belt design to make sure a stable stress condition in 3 points on your head. This design can reduce around thirty percent pressure to the eyes. However, it is not advisable to watch movies or play games for a long time with the 3D glasses. In case your eyes feel tired, please take time and have a rest.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Solid build
  • ABS & environmental-friendly resin materials
  • Adjustable Pupil Distance (PD) & Focal Distance (FD)
  • Fits smartphones with screen size between 4.7 up to 6.0 inches
  • Affordable


  • You may find that the phone holder feels a little fragile, but it’s okay

Breett 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset

In summary, the Breett 3D VR Glasses can be a great buy since it comes with many powerful features to enable you to get the most out of your smartphone. It’s compatible with 4.7-Inch to 6.0-Inch Smartphones with iOS, Android or WIN P8. Also, it comes in ergonomic design, so it’s very comfortable.


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