Google Cardboard V2

Do you always find yourself watching movies on a big screen? Do you want to try something new using your smartphone and turn it into a unique movie marathon experience? If so, you ought to try the Google Cardboard V2 by D-scope Pro. This is not only made with a simple cardboard. It is cautiously constructed so that it will provide you with an engaging virtual reality experience using your smartphone. Whether you have an Android or iPhone, you can experience virtual reality anytime and anywhere.

Superb visual reality movie marathon

Lenses are made of biconvex offering 37 mm focal length so that you will get the best visuals. Your smartphone screen will turn into an engrossing, stunning HD cinematic graphic. It is like you are watching at a movie theatre! The only difference is that it seems real and it follows when you move or turn your head. The 37 mm focal length provides you with the right focus, so you will concentrate on the movie you watch. This is suitable for the whole family – kids and adults.

New Google Cardboard V2.0.

High-quality manufacturing and readily available to range of VR scenes

You will think that this VR Google Cardboard is prone to damage since it is made of cardboard. In fact, the manufacturer ensures that this tool will stand the test of time. It is machine-printed for through construction, and it will not just easily get damaged by negligence, unlike any ordinary cardboards. Also, it comes with QR codes that you can instantly play any app. It also provides you faster access to a vast array of virtual ready experiences from scenic tours to games and movies!

Easy to assemble VR cardboard

The package includes a manual with clear instructions on how to setup the VR cardboard. It might take a little time (less than 1 minute), so you can assemble it entirely. The lens is separated from the body. Ensure that you read the instructions so that all parts will be set-up well. It will give you a fantastic VR experience once assembled. Nevertheless, the set up is pretty simple with 100% quality guarantee, as the manufacturer claims.


  • Compatible with many phones up to 6 inches long: iPhone 5 to S6, Galaxy S4 to S6, Nexus 4/5, and more.
  • Made of premium quality cardboard that is durable enough to use for an extended period.
  • It is easy to assemble or set-up (a maximum of 1-minute assembly).
  • Include QR codes for easy access to a range of VR applications.
  • Biconvex lenses provide you cinematic HD experience


  • While it is made of a premium quality material, the cardboard is still prone to the crease.

Cheap Google Cardboard v2.0


In summary, the Google Cardboard V2 by D-scope Pro is worth your penny. The price is not a pain in the neck, and it is perfect for its quality. If you do not want to spend sums of money on an expensive VR headset, you can try the cardboard from D-Scope Pro. It still gives you a high-definition cinematic experience. The only drawback is the construction although it is claimed to be made with a premium quality. It is still a cardboard and is prone to crease and wear unless you are very cautious about using it.


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