Plantronics CS70N Review

CS70N Wireless Phone Headset

Plantronics CS70N Professional Wireless Headset System w/ HL10 LifterPlantronics CS70N Professional Wireless Headset System w/ HL10 LifterWireless headsets have been the in thing for mobile phones nowadays.  But Plantronics is doing the same for the office phone setting with their Plantronics CS70N Professional Wireless Headset System w/ HL10 LifterPlantronics CS70N Professional Wireless Headset System w/ HL10 LifterCS70N professional cordless headset system that can be attached to a standard phone to provide wireless conversations for land line calls.

The CS70N can be converted into three styles to see which fits over the ear, the over the head and behind the neck design.


Plantronics CS70N Wireless Headset

The Plantronics CS70N Professional Wireless Headset System w/ HL10 LifterPlantronics CS70N Professional Wireless Headset System w/ HL10 LifterPlantronics CS70N utilises a Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephone or DECT system that is used for most domestic wireless phones.  This technology provides a much greater range than the usual Bluetooth technology.  Inside an office setting the CS70N can extend to a range of up to 300 feet.

The Plantronics CS70N Professional Wireless Headset System w/ HL10 LifterPlantronics CS70N Professional Wireless Headset System w/ HL10 LifterPlantronics CS70N comes with a base station that connects with your landline phone and a headset that you can clip over your ears.  The CS70N base station contains the electronics to connect into your desk phone and the transmitter and battery charger for the headset.  This allows the corded headset connected to the CS70N.  This makes the CS70N compatible with a slew of different phone systems and ISDN or digital phones.  The headset has a call answer button and a volume controller switch.  The CS70N’s replaceable battery is capable of nine hours of talk time.   The battery can recharged quick whenever the headset is placed in the base station.

The Plantronics CS70N Professional Wireless Headset System w/ HL10 LifterPlantronics CS70N Professional Wireless Headset System w/ HL10 LifterPlantronics CS70N comes with the IntelliStand feature that allows you to answer calls just by taking the headset out of its base station, making it easier to answer calls as if you are just picking up a headset.

The Plantronics CS70N’s sound quality is quite excellent for both the user and the caller at the other end of the line.  Whenever there is an incoming call the headset will make a bleeping sound to inform you. The bleeping sound is discreet so you won’t be disturbed or annoyed whenever you are talking to someone and you receive a call.

CS70N allows you to answer important calls whenever you are expecting them (even if you aren’t expecting one), this enables you to take calls that otherwise could have gone to the voicemail saving you the time from listening back to each and every one of them.

We highly endorse and recommend purchase of your Plantronics CS70N Professional Wireless Headset System w/ HL10 LifterPlantronics CS70N Professional Wireless Headset System w/ HL10 LifterPlantronics CS70N Professional Wireless Headset System through this merchant at a dicsounted price now offering free shipping!



PulseWave 2 Review: Versatile USB Powered Headset

PulseWave 2

This PulseWave 2 Review looks at a great headset and has the pleasant addition of being beautiful and cheap as well. Not only does this headset provide excellent sound quality, outstanding microphone response and a great comfort it all comes for a teeny tiny price. What else do you need? Read below for a discussion and review of the main features of the PulseWave 2.

What You Get In The Box

I shall not bore you with a list of the content of the box. However, here’s a great unboxing video which you’ll probably find more interesting than a lovely plain list. This video also runs through many of the main features of this headset. Enjoy!


Key Features in this PulseWave 2 Review

This headset is produced by TekNmotion, and they really do boast some very versatile features for this very modestly priced headset. Let’s get the nitty-gritty technical features out of the way first, here’s a list of the main features offered with the PulseWave 2.

  • 2.1 Stereo or 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound USB or Standard 3.5mm Mini-Jack connectors. This seems a bit jargony, but it basically means that this headset is promising some really high-quality audio.
  • Master Control Box. A box attached to the headphone wire which allows easy access to functions such as volume control and mic control.
  • Detachable Microphone. If talking as you game isn’t your thing then you can just whip the mic off, easy as you like. There’s also a mute button when you have the mic attached for those private moments. Very handy indeed.
  • Soft and Comfortable Full-Surface Ear Cups. This headset features big cushiony pads which cover your entire ear – comfort is important in the heat of battle!

Some More Features Offered by the PulseWave 2

With readability and your comfort in mind I’ve broken down, he features into what I consider to be the main features (above) and secondary features which are still worth mentioning so that you’re not overwhelmed by a bombardment of technical features.

  • Exterior Decorative Lights. Simply an additional features which add to the aesthetics of this headset.
  • External Battery Pack. Allows you to power your headset away from the computer. Also, allows you to power the decorative lights although I’m not entirely sure why you’d want to.
  • Sound and Vibration Intensity Adjustment Control. Pretty standard on a gaming headset, but essential.
  • Adjustable Padded Headband. Leather covered cushion headband allows you to fit this headset comfortably whether your head is large or petite.
  • Listen to Your iPod or Other MP3 Device. Just plug it in. Easy.

A PulseWave 2 Review

TekNmotion Pulsewave 2 gaming headphones

Well what can I say, this one really does seem to get plastered with 4 and 5-star ratings all over Amazon. I suppose the logical place to start would be the ease of installing the software for this headset. A CD comes included, and all you literally have to do is put the CD into your computer, plug in the headset … and you’re ready to game!

Regarding durability, there seems to be the odd complaint about flimsy plastic. However, most customers agree that the headset is incredibly durable compared to competitors of the same price. It’s certainly comforting to know you’re headset isn’t going to fall apart in the middle of battle.

You know those headphones that absolutely kill your ears after an hour or two? Well, you’ll be glad to hear that this isn’t one of those headsets. While this is not the most comfortable headset on the market, it is certainly miles ahead of anything else for this price. With soft cushion padding around our ears and across the top of your head, you can’t really go wrong.

Given the modest pricing of this headset, there will, of course, be some sound quality issues … But only for audiophiles. Or that is someone who has a great interest in high-fidelity sound reproduction. For the average gamer, music fan, or indeed movie watcher this headset will provide excellent sound quality.

The removable mic is great. Slot it in when you want to use it and slot it out (or mute if you prefer) when you don’t. The mic is very responsive, and you’ll have no trouble being heard through Skype or online games.

Lastly, I’m glad to report, and I assume you’ll be happy to learn that yes, you can indeed turn off the lights on the headset. You know, for those times when you’re not gaming in the middle of a disco!

Thankfully I have no real flaws to mention. The only thing that seems to come up now and then is the comfort levels. And it’s not so many complaints as suggestions for improvement. As mentioned above, not the most comfortable headset on the market. But as long as you set the headband to the right length you’re golden. It’ll blow any other headset for this price out of the water regarding comfort. There are also a few reports of headset failure after short periods of time. However, these are RARE and as I’m sure you know you’re safe in the hands of Amazon and their fantastic customer service.

All in all the PulseWave 2 is a great headset. And I don’t just mean a great headset for this price, I mean it’s a great headset full stop. The attractive low price simply adds to the already sweet deal. I may even have to pick a set up myself.


Best Place to Purchase the PulseWave 2

Without question, Amazon is the best place to buy this headset. Their truly fantastic customer service combined with their cheap shipping deals and regular discount prices they just can’t be beaten.

Additional Information About the PulseWave 2

  1. For further information and reviews, please click here.
  2. Official PulseWave 2 Documentation. I couldn’t find specific documentation for this model of headset. But click the link for a TekNmotion website by Compuexpert.



Motorola H720 Review

Motorola H720

It’s time to review another Motorola Bluetooth headset.

In this Motorola H720 Review, I will be covering why this Bluetooth headset is one of the easiest headphones, to use.

Motorola has always created quality products at an affordable price. So I was not too scared buying this headset, as Motorola has created some incredible products.

Plus, one of their headsets is on my top 10 Bluetooth headset list. Which is the Motorola S305?

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As I thought, this Bluetooth headset was no exception, and I could not wait to write this Motorola H720 Review, to tell you about it.

But if you do not have any experience with other Bluetooth headsets, it is hard to choose which Bluetooth headset to get. That is why I am here, writing this Motorola H720 Review, to help you determine which Bluetooth headset to get.

Design & Comfort

We will start of this Motorola H720 Review, by explaining a bit about how the device feels to wear and what it looks like.

The H720 wearing style is on-ear.

What do on-ear means? On-ear says that the Bluetooth headset goes over the ear, instead of into the ear.

Personally, I am glad they made it on-ear because it feels a lot more comfortable. Especially when you wear the headset for a long time.

Now to the design part of this Motorola H720 Review. The design is pretty dull, I like ugly designs, but that is just me. I know a lot of people would have preferred a bit more stylish design.

The headset feels a lot smaller than in the pictures, which I think is a good thing. The last thing you want is to carry around a huge Bluetooth headset.

So that is one of the advantages, of this headset.

Motorola H720 review



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This technology is the reason why I told you earlier in the Motorola H720 Review, that this Bluetooth headset is one of the easiest headphones to use.

When someone calls you, and you are wearing your Motorola H720, the only thing that you will have to do is a single flip. Then when the conversation is over, all you have to do is flip it back, and it hangs up immediately.

You do not even have to pick up your phone or anything; even my mom could use this headset without any problems. See how easy it is? Like I told you earlier in this Motorola H720 Review.

Noise Reduction

The noise reduction feature makes sure that any background noise will be removed, to make your voice stands out.

I also wanted to say in this Motorola H720 Review, that I have tested this feature and they truly did a great job. I called one of my best friends to get some feedback on the microphone, and he said it sounded obvious and crisp.


Sound Quality

This is probably the most important part of this Motorola H720 Review because you do not want to buy a headset that has bad quality sound. That is why I wrote this Motorola H720 Review, to help you!

I have used this headset for a few months now, and I must say that I am impressed with the sound quality in this headset. The sound is obvious, and you can easily hear it is high quality.

Talk Time

I almost could not wait, to tell you this, while I was writing the Motorola H720 Review.

The talk time on this Bluetooth headset is up to incredible 8 hours. It is one of my headsets, that has the longest talk time.

When it is on standby, it will last for 11 days.


  • Easy To Use
  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Noise Reduction
  • Comfortable


  • Plain Design


Motorola H720 Review – Conclusion

If I wrap up all the things in this Motorola  H720 Review, it is easy to see, that this Bluetooth headset is pretty amazing. Although the design may be boring, it sure delivers some high-quality sound.

That is it for this Motorola H720 Review; I hope you enjoyed reading this as much, as I enjoyed writing it.

I certainly hope that after reading my Motorola H720 Review, you will buy this Bluetooth headset.

Jabra Wave Review

Jabra Wave

Here it is, my very first Jabra Bluetooth headset and therefore my first Jabra Wave review.

I am very excited about telling you my first experience with a Jabra headset. Ok, enough with the boring stuff, let us dig right into it.


The Jabra Wave got a sleek and sporty look, as you can see from the pictures.

Although it may seem a bit plastic is looking at first.

The Jabra Wave headset comes in two two different colours: Black & Red.

Both fit very well with the design, so it is a matter of personal preference whether you want the black or the red one.

Jabra Wave Bluetooth Headset Review


For a mid-range Bluetooth headset, this headset got a unique sound. I can hear my friends even with backgrounds noise like a car engine when I am driving.

So if you plan on using this headset while driving, that should not be a problem at all.

Of course, the sound does not quite compare with the Bose Bluetooth headset, but it is getting there, no doubt about that.


As always I ask my friends for feedback when I call them, they say they can hear very clearly.

Jabra also did a great with the noise and wind reduction. Take a look at the video from Jabra below.

Jabra WAVE – Clearer Talk With Wind-Noise Reduction

Jabra Wave Bluetooth Headset


The Jabra Wave headset supports up to 6 hours of talk time and up to an incredible eight days of standby


The headset is made out of very light plastic, which means it is one of the lighter headphones out there.

It fits very well around the ear, although it hurts a bit when you have worn it for a long time, nothing significant, I think they could have done this better.

Jabra Wave Review – Cons

  •  Comfort decrease when wearing for a long time
  •  Plastic looking design

Jabra Wave Review – Pros

  •  Phenomenal sound
  •  The headset comes in different colours
  •  Well-executed noise and wind reduction
  • Long talk time

sexy and captivating

Jabra Wave Review – Conclusion

As you can see the cons are heavily outweighed by the pro.

So all in all if you want a solid Bluetooth headset with kick-a** sound, a decent quality microphone and do not mind a bit plastic looking design than the Jabra Wave is for you.