Pasonomi VR Glasses

The Pasonomi VR – Virtual Reality Headset is an innovative product that allows one to watch 3D movies and play video-games in the privacy of their headset. It is compatible with most mobile phone platforms and can be easily adjusted to suit the user’s specifications. It is a lightweight product that is quite comfortable to wear.

Pasonomi VR


The Pasonomi virtual reality headset is compatible with Android, Windows phones and iPhones. It is compatible with phones with screen sizes ranging from 4-6 inches. It has a high gloss transparent cover that further enhances the virtual reality experience.

Superior Comfort

The Pasonomi headset has an extremely thick and soft foam material. It is made of advanced, lightweight ABS materials that are environment-friendly. This ensures that the headset can be used for extended periods of time. The first area of the headset is relatively light and thin, and this further ensures that the headset is quite comfortable to wear. It is relatively lightweights as it weighs 263 grams.

Adjustable and Flexible

The virtual reality headset’s focal distance can be adjusted within a range of 55-75 mm. Users of the headset can change the object distance by just pushing a button. It has on optical aspheric lens design that supports naked eye viewing.

Virtual Reality Apps

There are some virtual reality apps available for the Pasonomi virtual reality headset in Apple Apps and Google Play Store.

Ergonomic Head Belt

The Pasonomi headset has a practical ergonomic design. It has an ergonomic head belt that actually ensures that stress conditions are balanced at three points on the users head, with concentration at the forehead. Its design ensures that pressure on the eyes is reduced by about 30%.

Pasonomi® Google Cardboard 3D VR 360


  • Adjustable lens
  • Lightweight
  • Can adjust while wearing headset
  • No eyestrain or visual problems
  • Affordable and cost effective
  • Amazing virtual reality experience
  • Easy to use


  • This may not be for you only if you are a huge fan of another brand

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Will I be able to use earphones while using the virtual reality headset?
  2. Yes, you can. There is sufficient space below the headband which is placed above the ear levels.
  1. Can I access my smartphone screen while it is attached to the virtual reality headset?
  2. It is quite difficult accessing your phone once it is on the headset. Unfortunately, you can only play games using a remote control.


The Pasonomi VR – Virtual Reality Headset is a viable virtual reality headset that will certainly enhance the user’s interactive virtual experience. It is a practical and lightweight headset that is comfortable to wear. It is quite affordable and is great value for money. Considering its price and category, the Pasonomi headset is currently one of the best virtual reality headsets available.

It can be adjusted with relative ease, and it does not put undue pressure on the users head. Compared to conventional headphones, it reduces pressure on the eye by about 30%. There are no eye strain or eye problems associated with the headwear’s use. There are a wide variety of applications that are available for virtual reality.


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