Plantronics Voyager 510

The Plantronics Voyager 510 is another decent addition to the Plantronics headset line. However, it does not come without a few flaws. The Voyager 510 is one of Plantronics latest mid-grade headsets which offers good quality at the expense of a decent design.

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The Voyager 510 boasts the typical over the ear style ear piece which is fairly standard for the later Plantronics headsets. The overall impression is that the Voyager 510 is very poorly designed. The Voyager 510 is very hard to get into your ear due to the placement of the over the ear “bar” and due to the extra flexibility of the headset. The flexibility is meant to increase comfort however it makes the headset very hard to get over the ear initially. Also, the power button is designed very poorly and is almost impossible to press while the headset is in your ear. More likely than not it will be necessary to remove the headset to push the power button which is a very tedious task since getting the headset back over your ear is quite a challenge. The microphone design causes the microphone to be very close to your face during conversations which result in muffled voice quality quite frequently.

Plantronics Voyager PRO

Usability & Connectivity

The Voyager 510 connects very easily to your mobile phone in the same fashion as most other Bluetooth headsets. The Voyager 510 allows for up to two different devices’ connection data to be stored allowing for fast switching between devices. The signal strength from the Voyager 510 is decent, and the range is right around 23 feet. This is significantly reduced if there are walls, doors or other obstacles in the room.

Voice Quality

The overall voice quality of the Voyager 510 is below standard for Plantronics. The voice has a very dull sound to it and even at times sounds robotic when using the Voyager 510. On other occasions, the voice sounds very muffled and hard to understand due to the positioning of the microphone (which can’t be changed). The sound quality issues persisted across different mobile phones, and at various ranges, therefore, the problem seems to be with the actual Voyager 510 series headset.


The Voyager 510 is a decent headset for casual Bluetooth headset users. Due to the voice quality problems and uncomfortable design, it is not recommended for heavy users nor business users. Plantronics is typically known for decent quality headsets, but it would seem as if they missed the mark with the Voyager 510.


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